Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Neither the chicken nor the egg. Part 1

What if "thought" came first before both the chicken and the egg? 

A little strange I agree, but here is my take on the subject.  If one were to take a look at everything on this beautiful planet of ours, what would he or she find? 

Upon my desk, I can see, an empty white mug with, cold coffee stains along the inner walls.  I see a yellow book next to my left hand entitled, "Sentieri del Tempo" by Emillio De Paola, and of course directly underneath my, frigid finger-tips is my, tiny, well traveled, net book.

All of which I have mentioned are just incredible inventions; from a simple cup to which to drink, to the ever completed mechanics of the, lap top to which to do almost everything imaginable, depending upon what we decide to do.

Still beyond its function of being simple or complicated in the physical form, they all have one thing in common.

They all began with a simple thought. 

But how did it become physical reality?  
End of Part 1

Antony S Scandale copyright 2011


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