Saturday, February 12, 2011

Upon the Old Bridge

There I sat upon the wall, contemplating my next move. The infamous, Ponte Vecchio was in my sight and all I could do was stare at its shimmering glory as the October sun grazed the facade. 5 inches from my left, a 20 foot drop onto lush, green, grass yet I laid comfortably enjoying my moment of Firenze.

This was my vacation; and I have no inclination to buy my return flight home.

I laughed to myself while watching the tourists avoid the many illegal street vendors standing next to me. Every one of them was on edge with their head on a swivel, to escape La Polizia just around the corner.

Not me.

I had nothing to worry about, nor a reason to run. I sat as though floating on air, upon my own cloud 9. Who could claim that they've sat upon this particular wall with a laptop beneath their finger tips; while pounding sequential buttons forming stories akin to this?

I made my decision to rejoin my family back in Canada. Though, I realized with bitter-sweetness, that they won't see my relaxed and smiling face, nor hear my newly acquired Italian voice until December for Italian classes begin next week.

Antony S Scandale copyright 2009

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