Saturday, October 15, 2011

World's Most Amazing Photo!

Since I only have a day or so left here in Munich, I decided to fill up my SD card with some memories.  My goal was to check out a very interesting place in Munich where one can find surfers riding the waves of a canal.  

This canal runs though a very popular spot in Munich called English Garden.  This massive park is 3 kilometers wide and serves a very tranquil place to have a picnic take nap or sunbath nude. 

No really!  

I had seen these surfers in action a few times before and these die-hards (who should be living in Hawaii) are all very entertaining and they always draw a lot of spectators.

Upon arrival, 7 surfers in total were lined-up on the concrete embankment, waiting for their turn to hit, what's called a "standing wave". 

But, because of the canal's limited proximity of space, only one rider is to enter the water at a time.  The average riding time for each surfer is about 20 seconds before the surfers get swept away by the forceful water. 

I took out my camera and started to take some wide angle shots, then I realized that I needed to get a little closer to the surfers so that I could capture "the world's most amazing photo ever taken".

perhaps the 4th world's best picture!

Photo after photo I tirelessly snapped the trigger at least 70 times, and I still wasn't entirely satisfied with my grabs, except for maybe one  (which is really the 4th or 5th best photo the world has ever seen! Trust me! )

I then proceeded to get a little closer to the water and to the surfers (5 feet to be exact) and continued to grab photos.  

For some stupid, ridiculous reason, I actually thought out loud to have one of the surfers spray only a tiny little bit of water upon my lens to give my photo a "dramatic effect".  

Oh and God responded immediately... 

Whilst snapping my photo, Surfer Dude drenched me from head-to camera-to toe.

"GOD AM I...ENTERTAINING!" I said in my head, laughing hard.

Laughter erupted from both sides of the canal as I slowly stood up from my back-catcher's position, blushing and wishing for a change of clothes and a towel.  My new Nikon suffered it's first splash bath and I vigorously wiped down the water.   

"You are all wet!!!" said the smart-ass spectator beside me who felt it was necessary to point out the obvious.

"Meh...what am I going to do?" I said with some courage while smiling.  

I then searched through my photos to find out if in fact my photo was "the world's most amazing photo ever taken".

"Here's the photo."  I said to the smart-ass spectator.

He took a look and just shrugged his shoulders.  Beh, what does he know anyways.  

You tell me if this is the "the world's most amazing photo ever taken".

Just nano seconds before the water turned me into a blushing jack-ass.

I left after wiping down my camera and left the park premises laughing.  I opted not to go home but let the sun dry-off my clothes.  After about 30 minutes of walking the, my pants were dry as a bone and I sat down to have a MASSIVE pizza from L'Osteria.  As I ate, all I could think about was what happened earlier; and for some reason it felt good to laugh at myself! 

Moral of the story? 

Next time go back 20 feet and use LONGER lens!

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