Monday, November 7, 2011

Can't Get Away from...Dry-wall!

Ok.  There is no secret.  I am not a fan of Dry-wall.  In fact, it is probably the least interesting job I have ever had to do.  However, I am VERY grateful to have learned the skills from my father who is one of the most hardest working and is the most knowledgeable person on the planet.

Before I left for Europe, my father jokingly said.

"You know, they use Dry-wall in Germany." 

All I could do was just shudder at the very thought of me, picking up a putty knife and fill-in a couple holes in the wall.  And really, who would want to do such thing while vacationing?

Well, not even a week ago, my dear friend Betty decided to do a little renovating at her flat in Munich.  The job required some painting and...gulp "filling in some holes in the wall". 

I looked around her apartment and it was quite clear that her living-room needed some TLC; and that's when I noticed the 12 holes in the walls and ceiling.  


Nevertheless, a smile rolled out from my face and I happily participated in the action. 

After picking up some supplies from a hard-ware store Betty, Mishco and I began the reno.

Have a look!  :o)

Laughing at the fact that I can't run away from Dry-Wall.

Mischo was my "slave driver" I mean Boss.

Yup...this is a familiar look. Mud on the hands.

Betty hard at work! :o)

The square shelves waiting to be drilled into the wall.

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