Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Way to Milan Part 1

I was quite lucky.   

The platform was empty except for the train conductor who waited patiently for my arrival.   He quickly glanced at my e-ticket and didn’t bother to view my VISA card to compare rightful identification.  Instead he whisked aboard as we had less than 3 minutes to leave for Milan.  Again, I bought a one-ticket and this time, I was going to the City of Fashion to meet up with a friend and some extended family members.
While I enjoyed my time in Munich, it was really time for me to change locations and all I wanted to do was absorb the culture of Italia for the 3rd time.

I searched for my reserved seat and to my surprize I realized that second class was quite empty. I walked down the tight corridors to find my post then grinned from ear-to-ear to find that my booth was completely empty.  At that point I hoped that I would just enjoy ride all by myself and undisturbed.  Quickly I sat back, put my feet up, flipped on my IPod and hoped to sleep during the 8 hour train ride.  

However, sleeping on a train, plane or automobile is a very difficult thing for me to accomplish.  I guess it’s primarily because I love watching the scenery fly past me. But, I knew the real reason why I wouldn’t get any sleep on this trip.  My mind kept saying this phrase over and over again.

“As soon as I arrive in Milan, I will have no place to go.” I said, while wishing to have made a plan.
“Don’t worry, you’ll find something” said my heart.

The train went through the Alps making stops to Innsbruck, Verona, Bolzano, Brecsia to name a few and the scenery was just fantastic.  I was so engrossed with the sheer beauty of the high Alps, the audio playing in my ears simply faded into the background.

Just after 9 pm I overheard that we had arrived in Milan. As soon as the train stopped, I grabbed my gear and jumped onto the platform.  Within moments I felt that something wasn’t right.

“NO this isn’t it. Get back on…get back on!” said my heart.
“Scusa…dimmi dove siamo?” I asked the train conductor.
“Milano Lambrate.” she said.”


I jumped back on the train as quickly as possible.  Had I stayed in Lambrate, it would’ve spent 30 Euro on a taxi to the centre of Milan.

10 minutes later, we arrived at Milano Garibaldi and once again, it was just like my Florence experience all over again.

I literally had: no place to go, no map of the city BUT this time, I could speak a little Italian.  I asked a few people where I could find a hostel at this time of night and many of them told me that there are not too many hostels in Milan (believe it or not).  One person suggested for me to take the Metro into Milano Centrale where there are many cheap hotels in the area.  I took the suggestion to heart and found myself at my destination.   

To my utter dismay, it began to pour hard as walked I around looking for some options.  I kept asking my heart where to go?  

Instead my stomach piped up.  

“Dude…time to eat….you can ask questions later.” he roared.

The rain bombarded the city with heavy drops as my back pack began gain an extra 3 pounds of weight.  I was completely soaked after 10 minutes of walking the streets Milan and slowly I was becoming a little frustrated with my decision to not plan ahead.

I walked around one corner and found a small hole-in-the-wall Kebap Shop and well, the Doner sorta hit the spot, but let's just say I won't go back there again. 


I tossed the rest of the dog food into the waste basket and pressed on with my search for a hotel.  By this point I didn't care where and how much...I just needed to get dry and that's when I came across this brilliant spot.

Oh my god!


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